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Abdul Mugheet

Founder - Maze events and Exhibit Solutions

Rohini was the first person who really saw what I was capable of and gave me strategies that changed everything for me. In less than 3 months of the program, I have started my own company, taken up an office space, hired 7 employees, did a billing of 1.5 crores and handled 100 events across India. I would like to thank you to help me overcome my mind blocks and help me grow in my life.

Abhinand Dhanti

Management Consultant

Rohini has an upbeat and positive vibe. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that I really want to improve on. I found that her coaching provided a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. In summary, Rohini has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.

Belwin Thomas

Key Accounts Manager

When I met Rohini for the first time she asked me ‘What’s your life worth in your eyes?’ That moment was a shift in my thought process. As a result of the coaching with Rohini, I have been able to become more organized with a positive outlook. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. All my limiting beliefs are fading away and I can’t wait for the future to unfold.


Software Engineer

Attending Rohini’s program has been a great influence on me. Today I feel more confident, stronger, optimistic and hopeful. The biggest change in my life has been my vision and approach to look at my problems and doing what no one else around me can do.



It is not like any other coaching program, but a program that has a permanent impact and shift. Once you are into it, it is definite that you will experience a change, it is definite that you will discover yourself, it is definite that you will become awesome and it is definite that you will become XtraOrdinary. No one can stop you to become unstoppable.



I want to acknowledge that it has been a great journey for me. Till now, Rohini’s coaching has helped me get the edge over everyone else to succeed.


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