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Rohini Mundra

Mindshift Coach, Speaker And Entrepreneur

Rohini Mundra has helped hundreds of thousands of people with her expert teachings on business, money and relationships, making the experience exciting, intense and permanent, so people may live the Xtraordinary life.

From being fired from her corporate job to being a millionaire at the age of 25, Rohini teaches people all the secrets of leading a life which is wholesome, successful and meaningful. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Rohini Mundra is regularly called upon for her expert teaching which revolves around three areas: Passion, Purpose and Profit. She is an internationally sought-after speaker and has helped people across countries unfolding a journey that has impacted millions.

She urges everyone to ask themselves a question: what is the real meaning of their life and what would it take for one to really shift their life from mediocre to XtraOrinary. She believes that people do not fail. It is their circumstances that lead to their failure. If one can change their circumstances using the right strategies then one can achieve anything.

Rohini leads and coaches with a passion to see her clients transformed to use their true potential in all areas of life. Rohini’s seminar across the globe are full of breakthroughs for her clients who have learnt to take charge of their life.


One of the best ways to connect with prospects is by using stories from existing customers. Here’s how we do that

Rohini Mundra’s program is on the path towards changing the traditional approach towards learning and development. We witnessed a classroom training turn into a highly engaging coliseum for free flow of thoughts and ideas.

  – Abhishek Bejoy, HR Training, ITC Ltd

I attended this inimitable Rohini Mundra’s program and realized that what has got me here is not good enough to get me engage, to the next level. She is exceptionally skillful and consistently engage, educate and entertain us.

– Chakra, GM – Asia Pacific, ZF international

Rohini Mundra has been conducting many training programs in our company, however today I participated in the training program and learned a lot through experiential learning techniques. It was truly an enriching experience.

– L S Umesh, CEO, AMS

I have organized several programs for our employees by Rohini Mundra. The feedback from our employees on the training programs have always been exceptional and I have personally seen the transformation.

– Rejitha Jaffer, Director HR, JMR infotech




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